Export-Csv - why is PowerShell adding delimiter "" - how to avoid this

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Export-Csv - why is PowerShell adding delimiter ""

Export-Csv -Path $CSVFile -Encoding UTF8 –delimiter ";" -NoTypeInformation

I have a csv file with this content (before Export)

24/07/2018 05:36;Create;02/11/2019 00:00;flastnamei;firstname;lastname;Stagiaire;SI;Job Coaching Bruxelles;FALSE;FALSE;TRUE;FALSE;TRUE;FALSE;FALSE;TRUE;;;

when i use the command

Export-Csv -Path $CSVFile -Encoding UTF8 –delimiter ";" -NoTypeInformation
the file is changed like this

"24/07/2018 05:36";"Create";"02/11/2019 00:00";"flastname";"firstname";"lastname";"Stagiaire";"SI";"Job Coaching Bruxelles";"FALSE";"FALSE";"TRUE";"FALSE";"TRUE";"FALSE";"FALSE";"TRUE";;"";""

"" are added which is really annoying….

why ???
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Export-Csv -Path $CSVFile -NoTypeInformation

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Don't stipulate the delimiter or the encoding and see how you get on. If that doesn't work, use UNICODE and not UTF.
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It's not adding a delimiter; it's adding quotes around the fields, because it's the safest way to export. What happens otherwise if one of the fields contains the delimiter in the text?
If you are absolutely, one hundred percent, sure that the delimiter is not and will never show up in any of the fields, you canuse this as workaround to replace the Export-Csv command:
... | ConvertTo-Csv -Delimiter ';' -NoTypeInformation |
	ForEach-Object {$_.Trim('"').Replace('";"', ';')} |
	Set-Content -Path $CSVFile -Encoding UTF8

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To clarify that: the cmdlet is not generating (with ; as delimiter, spaces inserted for clarity)
field1  ";"  field2  ";"  field3

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It is generating
"field1"  ;  "field2"  ;  "field3"

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tks. strange that at the beginning the file was not containing the ""
Anyway, I'm happy with this now that I understand

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