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software to compress MP3 audio file


I have a MP3 file size of 31MB and would like to compress it to send in an email . Please post me if these is a software that can compress the audio file .

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A lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.
Well, how long is the file? I.E How many minutes?

Use that and decrease the Bit rate.
ste5anSenior Developer

Audio data has often a high entropy, which isn't handled well by normal compression algorithms. That's the reason why MP3 was invented: It is a lossy audio compression algorithm.

So: an MP3 file is by this terms already compressed.
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator

Why not share it with the person concerned using a file sharing service or a service that allows you to send large attachments in emails? Email is not the most efficient way of sending large files.

Check out services like https://www.dropsend.com/ or https://free.mailbigfile.com/
AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

You can use Google drive, simple, effective, free.
MS OneDrive is also a free solution to share files
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

ste5an is correct.  MP3 audio is already compressed; it can't be squeezed further.

I looked into this a couple years ago for grins.  Aat that time, 7zip, given the best algorithm and unlimited memory, would do no better than 1 to 2 percent compression of an MP3 file.
Distinguished Expert 2019

i have used wetransfer in the past - free and good   https://wetransfer.com/