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Recommend Battery Backup Power Supply

Have a client where the building power isn't that stable. Done everything we can to have maintenance clean up the power issue. Meanwhile two UPS went out at the same time which to me means a surge happened. Simple question, what do ya'll recommend for a medium business running a PowerEdge Server, 2012 Server Storage, three switches, phone system, and two workstations. This is the server room and not the entire business - FYI.
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If the power is that bad, you should also consider a ferroresonant transformer feeding the UPSes to reduce the impact of spikes and brownouts.  Having UPSes serving the equipment will do no good if the power is so bad that it damages the UPSes.
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I wouldn't say it's that bad and it's suspected that it was a power surge due to both UPS going out at the same time. Thank you for the information. Do you have a recommendation for UPS battery backup?
I have used both APC and Eaton in small, medium and large datacenters. It all depends on  your requirements for runtime and high availability.
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I always recommend APC.  This isn't to say that other brands (Tripp Lite, Eaton, etc.) aren't good; I've just used APC for decades and have had consistently good experience with them.

Use their selector tool to help determine what product you need and use that as the starting point for your research.

Other vendors have similar tools and can walk you through their solutions.

Remember that the longer you want the equipment online, the cost will go up fairly drastically, so be prepared.
I don't know what you're talking about, Andy - I put those 50 disks in my 1U server.  LOL
Thank you.
You are most welcome