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hmailserver_log.txtI've been sending logs and reports from 3 sites at the rate of 20 per site per day.  It has always worked flawlessly - for years.
Suddenly, the emails don't get through from any of the 3 sites.
This happened for a few days about a year ago and then it fixed itself.  So, I didn't get any insight from that.

Here is the path:
Device or program sends an email. addressed to an outside address, via SMTP / local workstation LAN address where hmailserver is running (as a relay only).
hmailserver forwards the emails to at our external ISP mail system.
The ISP mail systems forwards the mail to the addressee at a domain / mail server that I "own".
The domain mail server delivers the mail to a POP account on one of my external workstations.
Like this
email to sent to server at [local IP addess]
hmailserver running at [local IP address] forwards mail via
ISP send mail to
I get POP mailfor in my office.

I have attached a log from the hmailserver which you my well be able to interpret better than I.

In order to fix the disruption, it would be good to know where it's faiing…..
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Please also edit your log file if you don't want to expose mail addresses...

There are no errors in that log AFAICT.
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Better to only post an example of one problem message.

And, as noci said, every message log you posted looks like a 250 (successful) was returned for each message send.

Try posting a single problem message, along with you you expected to happen + what happened different than you expected.


(The log file WAS edited to change email addresses to aliases).
How very interesting.  The same log sent to our outgoing ISP/mail service said that the problem was clearly further down the line.
Well, there *is* a problem.
I guess the hmailserver log just doesn't reveal what it may be.
Not too surprising really as it seems happy enough to send via SMTP.

Since this has been working for years and up through Wednesday of this week, I rather doubt that there's anything under my immediate control that has changed or that would be the root cause of the failures.

I would parse the log further if I could read it better.  I can't tell the difference between one that has succeeded and one that has failed.  ALL  of the traffic in the log did fail.  Yet, now I understand that nothing showing in the log is a failure.  So, I'm looking at the wrong thing - and THAT is good info!!



Thanks again!!

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