Port configuration on Cisco 2811 router.

Stephen Backhus
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I have a Cisco 2811 router with 2 interfaces on it (f0/0 & f0/1) and I'm trying to get interface f0/1 line protocol up but it won't let.  Does anyone know how to get the line protocol on that interface up?  I also have a Cisco 3750G 48 port switch and want to know how to get a port on the switch to connect to the router.  If you could help me with that also would be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to learn Cisco networking configuration to help me find a better job.

Steve Backhus
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Typically status down and protocol down is typically cable not present, but might be device/software dependent.
With Fast interfaces I don't remember seen status down and protocol down, but possible cause I guess would be bad/damaged cable or wrong cable type with mdix disabled on interface.
Stephen BackhusPC Repair Technician


Thanks for the answer so quickly. I'll try a different cable.  I'll let you know if that's what the problem was.

Thanks again for the quick reply
WissamSenior Network Engineer

Is there a chance that the interface is in administrative disabled mode?
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I was trying to configure both ports in the same IP range (192.168.1.xxx) changed the f0/1 port to different IP{ range  (192.168.2.xxx) and it came up that way.  Kept getting an error message about the IP address is why I change the one port.

Thanks for all your help

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