SEO (search engine optimization) software ?

What SEO (search engine optimization) software do you recommend ?
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 1. small jewelry store website
 2. spend under $1,000 one-time or $50/mth for software if possible
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
"Search engine optimization" does not work any more.  goofle and bing have hundreds of clever programmers whose job is to adjust their rating algorithms so that they cannot be fooled, optimized or gamed.  They are now exceedingly good at this, can detect attempts to game their robots, and downgrade such sites.

The only reliable way to improve search engine ratings and keep them up is to provide (a) good, valuable and hopefully unique content (b) that is linked to by multiple sites (c) not under your control.
Edwin HofferTechnical ExpertCommented:

SEO still works many professional increase their skills against Search engine programmer.

Here are some of the best SEO tool:

For Data analytics:

For Wordpress:


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Michael RojekDigital Marketing and WebDevCommented:
None. Don't use SEO "software" or "tricks" or any other kind of BS. Review the SEO Starter Guide from Google. The RankBrain AI is working to eliminate all tricks that may have previously worked. Follow the best practices, and create engaging, authoritative content. Our blog/knowledge base at Husaria Marketing has tips on how to follow the best practices.

If you're using WordPress, Yoast or AllInOneSEOPro are plugins that can help simplify things, and help you fill in the necessary content entries (like headings, desc, etc).
Scott FellDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Sometimes software/software as a service can help.  But it is a tool. You still need material and without material, the tools will be of little value.  

If for instance, your only budget on marketing is the $1600, then you may be better off spending that $1600 on marketing.  On the other hand, if your marketing budget is $30K/year lets say and 80% of your customers come from a 5 mile radius in a medium population density with high competition, then you may want to rethink.

Start out from the end result instead of the other way around. In other words, "My goal is to generate an additional  $50K in profit over the next year".  Well, you know what your margins are and that will equate to sales, maybe $100K.  The real question is, how much are you willing to invest to get to that amount?  10%?  That's $5k.  If you spend $1.6K on a tool, that is 32% of your marketing budget.  Would you be better payoff just spending that on more marketing?
Lucas BishopMarketing TechnologistCommented:
Nowadays, Google is measuring how engaged users are with your pages. If a user is clicking over to your site, from a search result, do they come back and click a different result (bad signal) or do they stay on your site (good signal)? The way to provide a good signal is to provide good content. You content must satisfy your visitors.

Number one rule, follow Google's Guidelines:

Basic tools you should install as a best practice are Google Analytics and Search Console:

You should also monitor your pages to see if users are interacting with them how you expect them to. Use heat-maps, click-maps, scroll-maps, etc. to track this. A good tool:

As for actually tracking the "optimization" of your pages; ranking changes, back-links, keywords, etc. There are hundreds of apps out there. I personally like
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