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I have an Access Report which background VBA code displays for the users in Print View (only).   Users do not see the left hand navigation bar - everything is managed for them via forms/buttons, etc.
I need to restrict them from exporting the report data to excel in the print preview of the report.
I don't mind they can export to word or PDF - but a solution involves hiding those as well, that's ok.
users need to see the ribbon on forms to sort records, filter, etc.

I guess I could hide the ribbon entirely on that print view using report_load (to hide the ribbon) and report_close ( to restore the ribbon)
any thoughts on this  is there a way to hide the export to excel button (and  perhaps others?0
Environment Access 2016 , Windows 7/10
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You need to provide a custom ribbon.

There are Tools available on the internet to help you with this task, such as Ribbon Creator, or Ribbon Wizard available here:
(Site is in french, but the application support English language).

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