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Refurbished laptop or new?

I needed a laptop to run resource and graphics intensive software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as connect to a Huion Cintiq alternative.

I purchased the following refurbished Lenovo on Amazon, as it has 16G Ram, SSD, i7 processor. I didn't open the box yet, but I'm wondering if  I should have just purchase a brand new one with similar specs. I can buy a 3 year warranty for around $150 in addition to the $840 I paid for the refurbished laptop.

Link to description of computer I purchased:
Should I just return it and purchase new? If so, which one would you recommend? Or should I just buy the 3 year warranty? Thanks in advance.
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No, I think a refurb is just fine. A refurb is basically a new laptop anyway because they essentially replace just about everything in the laptop and a refurb has to pass factory specs to even be considered a refurb. You may eventually get alot of people chiming in about this, but I have purchased refurb laptops and TVs and they have always be perfectly fine, and you generally get factory warranty on refurbs because again, they are essentially just like a new items. Nothing is ever wrong with buying an extender warranty if you choose, but that will be your call. I wouldn't buy just because its refurb though. Refurb is perfectly fine.
I would keep the certified-refurbished item. Because it is refurbished and because it only comes with a 90-day warranty, I would buy the $150 3-year warranty.
I'm very happy with my refurbished laptop, although all they did to refurbish it was wipe the dust off. There's no guarantee on the battery and indeed it's the original so has nowhere near the life of a new one but the money saving more than covers a replacement battery when I need one. It's only an i5 without integrated 3D graphics chip but even graphics/processor intensive programs like Kerbal Space Program run fairly well. One thing to consider is how easy it is to upgrade, I can add another SODIMM and SSD to boost the performance but I cannot de-lid the CPU to add a graphics processor - the graphics chip you get with a laptop is the one you are stuck with.
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Glad you agree with me for once John. It's like buying a new car, the performance is almost the same as the old one but the paintwork has a few surface scratches. (was aiming at $250 rather than $850 though)
I have only purchased used cars (all used Volvo's) in the last 15 years. The last few including the two we have right now work as good as new ones
I've recommended refurbished computers before.  Whether to go with refurb or new is very much a matter of cost.

I'd be careful about assuming what was done to "refurbish" it.  The Amazon listing says: "The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging."  Realistically, that doesn't mean anything was replaced.  If the system basically worked, then it's "refurbished".
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It seems that everyone is pretty much OK with the refurbished. A new would cost at least $1500...that's quite a difference. Please help me decide how to award points, as all of you helped me. Thanks!
One last question.....Lenovo recommended this(new) $1500 for it with the specs I already have. You can write/draw on it. How is this different from mine(pro/con)????

>Please help me decide how to award points

Give all the points to me since I am posting from a second-hand laptop (with several scratches on it).

Write or draw means touch screen and if you need it spring for new, otherwise if you do not, then stay with used
Look on the left hand side of your question to see how to close it
Yay! Lefthanders rule :)

Psaa the douchi from the left hand side.,
Thanks for all your help. I gave extra points for humor!
njksJust give the majority of he points to a knob head. That way you can be assured and happy.
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