CDN's pricing by domain (or each subURL) for WAF protection

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By "per domain" charging, does it mean that regardless of how many sub-URLs, the cost doesn't increase further eg:
all the above are charged at the $200/month per domain?

Under each of our subURL, we may have different applications, so doesn't CloudFlare mitigate by different application
& scale their costs/charges up accordingly as understand their cloud WAF protect by application besides the volume?

Or the DDoS defense component is by per domain while the WAF component is costed by per application/subURL?
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Charge by domain. As long as the URL is resolved into one origin IP address (one A record) it is consider as one  count to be charged. So supposedly the suburl would fall into the same server with one IP address.

 The price plan stated what is included for protection. DDoS protection is in all and it also mentioned page rule ( for example) that will be applicable to customise to manipulate specific URL like doing URL forwarding etc. Additional Page Rules can be purchased at $5 / month for 5 Page Rules.

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