Block BitTorrent access for all users on the network ( Sonicwall TZ-215 )

Need to block network users from being able to access BitTorrent (BMTORRENT).   I have a Sonicwall TZ-215 along with the premium content filtering.  I can block the URL of the usage, but can not determined the proper ports to target the service to block.  

Goal is to not have to upgrade to the "Application Control" that can detect the signature of the traffic or such.  I am fine with blocking the defaults or making more difficult for the person.  I understand that they could use other methods to avoid detection.
Bryan PivikAsked:
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
It is going to be hard to do it.

Bittorrent uses TCP to transfer files and UDP for searching. It will use port 80 if the default TCP ports 6881-6889,6969 and 8080 can not be reached. Some bittorrent clients also support HTTP downloading.To completely block BT, you must block UDP ports 1024-65534 in your router.
So like you see it's a lot and it can affect your other software network traffic.

I think better way is to block application using registry or Group policy
Here you can find fine article about it
Bryan PivikAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much Tom.  That is a great explanation of how the Bittorrent client works.  Brings great clarity to the issues I am having.  In my specific case I have the luxury of highly restricting an entire interface on the Sonicwall, that is for the WIFI access.  That is where the abuse is coming from and I can severely restrict no problem.    

My only question is, if I implement the restriction on the ports (excluding TCP 80 and 443) would that block that Bittorrent Access?
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Yes,,, They not going to be able search for nodes, peers, Trackers and Seeds

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Bryan PivikAuthor Commented:
Thank you Tom.  I will post back if there is still an issue.  This should be perfect for my case where I can make some rules that will aggressively filter the large range.
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