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How to listen to two audio devices with one headset.

I have a Roland RP102 digital piano, which I purchased so I could practice with headphones so I wouldn't disturb anyone with my playing.

I also have an iPad, and would like to listen to instructional videos with headphones at the same time. Is there a way I can listen to I receive audio via headset for both devices?
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Looks like there is a mixer built into the piano.

The Roland bluetooth blurb says you can "accompany your favourite song as it streams through the piano speakers" so by the sound of it you can stream from your iPad to the piano via bluetooth and presumably if you plug the headphones into the piano you get both audio streams in the headphones and the speakers turn off. "your favorite song" can be anything you like of course including your instructional video.

Presumably you set it up via their Piano Partner app. does not list RP102 but it does have bluetooth so maybe the article is out of date.
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There is no output jack on the piano, only a usb which doesn't seem to connect to a sound mixer.

Also, Piano Partner app doesn't work simultaneously with another application running, say lessons streaming on my ipad.

There is an audio mixing cable sold by PianoMarvel:

However,someone said in comments that piano is audio is compromised, while computer is loud.
hmm, the Roland pages show an output jack. So do other pages:

User generated image
on the left lower side.
Looks like only applies to other models and not the RP series.

All the reviews say you can stream through the RP102 and play along to your favorite songs though. for example.
Thanks to both of you for your help. It's awful to be clueless!
I'd ask for your money back since the reviews say you can stream through the piano in which case you should not have to pay extra for an external mixer. Vendor will probably give you a mixer free just to keep you happy.

Did I tell you about when my father went back to a store complaining that the leaves fell off his poinsettia and they gave him his money back just to get rid of him even though he had left the plant at home and didn't even have the receipt?
I use an app on my iPad called Piano Partner, which connects via Bluetooth. I can select different piano sounds, effects and record my playing within this app. If I switch on the iPad to Youtube, or my lessons website, the sound is audible from the iPad, even though it is still connected via Bluetooth to the other app.

I have Googled everything I can think of to solve this issue. I called the company and the tech I spoke to said I need a mixer to listen to both devices at the same time using only one headset.

If you know of another way to do this without all this extra equipment, I would sincerely appreciate it.