How to track an emailed document

Gareth McKee
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I have a client who wants to trace a document he email out.

the perfect solution would make him aware if the document was forwarded on, who by and who to. This would be to external recipients.

Is there a way to achieve this, without the recipients knowledge?

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The only real option you have is receipt confirmation and even that doesn't always work, since it can be blocked.

If the message is internal, Outlook/Exchange gives you some security options (confidential, private) that will *prevent* the recipient from forwarding, but nothing built in tells you if it was forwarded.

That sort of notification takes place at the server level. So an Exchange administrator could tell you if a message was forwarded by looking manually. However once a message leaves the control of your mail server, you no longer have control of it.

Opinion follows: Many companies use some sort of legal disclaimer "If you receive this message in error..." or "This message is for the recipient and and may not be forwarded...". Feel free to discuss those with your client, but I've never heard of those being legally enforceable.

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