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options to upgrade mobile view of web site ?? or leave alone

web site design:

I have a small website which I maintain myself. Bit of HTML and bit of CSS modified from various books etc.

Yes I know I could afford to hire someone but I like tinkering. I have used some basic media queries to feed the mobile version as it were.

"website grader" says my mobile effort only scores 15 out of 30

The mobile version is lacking a bit of style

I own the domain and host the site with fasthosts.  
I upload files via an old copy of dreamweaver.

The site is reasonably responsive and it is very fast to load but lacks a bit impact. (but google says it is mobile friendly)

It has fallen down the ratings for "Solicitors Syston"  in the last couple of years as some big names have come into the town.

I am tweaking the SEO

However I am in the lead with Google Reviews. yay!

Given that I don't want to spend £5 to £10k on a full site redesign-(I like the elements, header style etc) what would be your advice.
ps:  I am only a year or three away from retirement and business is pretty good anyway.

Should I

1 ask a local designer to sort out the CSS for the mobile site

2  use an app like duda mobile or go mobi to create a mobile-only version and leave the desktop untouched.

3 use Divi (wordpress) I have tinkered with this-I can get what it does and cope with it-I have six months of a subscription left.

4  leave it alone

5 get out more

6 None of the above
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Paul MacDonald
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A local designer probably won't charge as much as you think just to rework the CSS, and a good one will bring his or her own ideas to the table.  In either case, it probably will be free (or nearly so) to talk to a few and let them quote a price.

That said, if business is good, and you're certain you're retiring anyway, I'd leave it as-is.  There's no point breaking something that works - and with which extant customers are familiar - just for vanity.
I liked the option no. 5 the best :D....

on a serious note... I don't think CSS change should cost you anything above 500 to 1K - I mean you can get entire templates for far less price on (No... I am not a salesman of and nor I get any commission - *sigh*) but as you said things are all good under the hood.. then I think Paul is right. You don't need to change anything.
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Scott Fell
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Your actual website won't be long to redo using Bootstrap and this is very easy to do with a little knowledge.

SEO is looking for content, so make sure the text have the good keywords.
Social Network is a big player too, you may only have a Facebook page without website and do a lot of business...

You can check on Udemy they have great courses about SEO, social network and Bootstrap for free or not expensive.
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Thank you all for your helpful contributions