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Dynamics CRM API.

I was able to create LEAD using Dynamics CRM API. and it is great.
Now I also want to create CONTACT record after LEAD is created and create Parent to child relationship. E.g.

I have a web form and ask for father full name and I will add father full name into LEAD entity (1 records)
2nd step, I have a web form and ask for how many kids, if 2 then, two kid full name will be created into CONTACT entity (2 records)

On Dynamics, what Do i need to do to make LEAD/CONTACT has relationship inside of the database?
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When you qualify a lead to convert it to a contact (or account), Dynamics automatically sets a field called orginatingleadid which links the contact back to the lead.

However, that field is read-only so you can't set it.

Why not convert the father lead into a contact and then add the kid contact records and set the parent customer field on the kid contacts to the father contact, could that work for you?


it is good suggestion. but our website already have all of the family information from parents to kids.
when somone click on the submit button on the website, we already assumed that they highly interest our product, and that is why I hope to have LEAD and CONTACT entity has all information ready to avoid any data entry for my call center team.

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