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Best way to process MISMO File

hi ,
We have a project to implement Fannie Mae' new file format(MISMO) for LOAN Application . I attached a sample file for reference . Which will be best technical approach
to handle this kind of XML Files ? Please advice.
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I attached a sample file for reference
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Sorry I Uploaded again .
In theory, any good xml parser will be fine. It's well-formed xml with a schema
Actually i am concerned about how i can group the values in the various tags. If you see the RELATIONSHIP tag in the sample XML
SequenceNumber="1" xlink:from="ASSET_1" xlink:to="BORROWER_1" i need to pick the corresponding sub tags of this ASSET_1 and it should be associated with BORROWER_1.
The same way it should follow for other labels. i hope you follow.
Before you get into building your own parser, it might be worth checking with the people who provide this schema whether any software tools are available
Are you in effect saying you want to collect all asset info for all borrowers or is it different?
Yes , It would be nice if i can group the information per borrower like Borrower 1 and his Assets and its Liabilities .  All these group info into one Java Object.
See if there any tools. Otherwise it's a custom parser i'm afraid
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ok - just don't be tempted to do it with anything other than xml tools ;)