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Windows 10 Start Layout problem

I am having a problem with a Windows 10 start layout xml.  I have tried to import the start layout using the powershell import-startlayout command and it imports without a problem.  I have then created an image with Sysprep and using the CopyProfile option.  When logging onto the imaged station, the taskbar has been set properly but the start menu remains the windows 10 default.
I have also tried to create a local GPO for the start layout and after a reboot, creating a new user and logging into the new user account again just the taskbar is changed.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Davis McCarn
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The layout.xml file sets things for the current user and it really needs to be imported after the user logs in.  Alternatively, you would need to edit the XML file so it changes the settings for the default user which would then be applied to any new user logging into your image.
Did you try following this article?
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Thanks for the response,
I have read the article and many more.  I want to ultimately create an image with start menu layout and taskbar settings to be set for the default user.  I have been using SYSPREP with 'copyprofile' to create the image and everything is good and works fine except the Start menu.  Taskbar settings are working OK using this start layout. I can't seem to get the Office 2016 apps or specific URLs to display in the start menu for new users.   I am using Windows 10 version 1803.
Thanks again for your help.
Can you post a partial copy of your XML file?
I have gotten the "Office" group is working OK now as well as the taskbar section (not shown below).  I am still unable to get the links to show up after running the import-startlayout on new users.  This is on Windows 10 Version 1803.  Here is part of my layout template"
  <LayoutOptions StartTileGroupCellWidth="8" />
        <defaultlayout:StartLayout GroupCellWidth="8">
        <start:Group Name="Office">
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="2" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Excel 2016.lnk" />
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Word 2016.lnk" />
        <start:Group Name="Links">
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="2" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Outlook Webmail.url" />
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\IT Support Request.url" />

What I would need to see are a few sections that include %CURRENTUSERPROFILE%.
%ALLUSERSPROFILE% will place them in the Public folder which should then work just fine.
I am not sure what you are referring to.  All the office 2016 links and url links are in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ folder.  The office links appear on the new users start menu as do the Taskbar setting.  Only the url links are not working. Why would I use the %currentuserprofile% folders?

"Only the url links are not working" which I take to mean they do not appear.  Where are you putting those?
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Thanks for your help and responses.