hosted at O365 sending continuous messages and it's caught in a loop

Shamsher Singh
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on hosted at O365 continuously sending emails to one of my customer email address hosted in different domain. It caught in loop because of automatic reply has been set at customer's end. Any Suggestions to break the loop
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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The automatic reply on the recipient side shouldn't have anything to do with the administrator mailbox in your org sending an email. The auto reply you are referring to is the out of office and the out of office normally only sends the reply once to a sender. You may need to contact O365 to see if they can give more info on this.
Exchange UserSystems Administrator

Temporarily, you can create a transport rule to break this loop and redirect any emails coming in from that customer to another test email address. You will have to figure out the exact reason of the loop. Like timgreen said, natural behavior for OOO is only once per sender unless the sender has an inbox rule or a transport rule on their end which is doing it.
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sounds like you both have an auto-reply setup
you receive an email sent to which replies to the reply-to address which has an auto-reply
System Administrator
Thank you guys. Email loop between sender and receiver was because of non-existence of which was generating NDRs and auto-reply enabled at customer end. I have created an Alias of administrator account in o365 portal to break the loop.

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