Install Microsoft Office 2010 to connect to an Office 356 Exchange server platform...

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Does anyone know how to tweak Office 2010 so it will connect to Office exchange 365 server?
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You don't need a tweak the only thing you need is Outlook SP3 install and up to date in your system

NOTE:  Microsoft is diminishing support for Outlook 2010 - consider upgrading to Outlook 2016 to have the latest features.

In order to use Outlook 2010 with Microsoft Office 365, you must be running the most recent version of Outlook 2010. Please note that this must to be done before moving to Office 365 or before opening Outlook 2010 after moving to Office 365. To ensure you are able to sync your email, make sure Outlook 2010 is up to date.

Open Outlook 2010.
If this is your first time using Outlook, select Email Account. If you have a personal account previously configured, select File | Info | Add Account.  Or from the start menu, open Control Panel | View by Large icons | Mail | Show Profiles | Add
Enter your Display name in the Your Name field. eg: Doe, Jane K
Enter your email alias in the Email Address field. eg:
Enter your HawkID password in the Password field.  
Click Next.
Wait and you will get a prompt for your credentials.  Change the User name to your (eg: and use your HawkID password.  Check the "Remember this password" the click Ok.
Note: you will probably get prompted for your credentials a second time.  Repeat step 7.  Again it may need to sit for a bit while it contacts the server, but it should be able to complete configuration.
After the account configures, click Finish.
Start Outlook if you aren't already in it.  Outlook will open, but it may take several minutes as it prepares for the first use.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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You need to manually setup your Office 365 Exchange Online account. Details are in the link below.
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Give Jackie’s link a try but I think they dropped support for Outlook 2010 when Office 2019 was released. The normal cadence is to support the current version and the two previous versions.

Here’s a link to the client requirements:
Note that you can still use IMAP. Also, the web interface has almost all the functionality of Outlook, even offline access.

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