Update Query in Access not working

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I had this question after viewing Update query does not work - Access 2016.

I run an update query and nothing happens.  No error, nothing.  The field, YrData, is numeric long integer and I am trying to fill in all rows with 2017.  I even tried changing it to short text and running, still nothing (See attached jpg)
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There is nothing obviously wrong.  Where is the table?  is it Jet/ACE?  Is it in the FE or the BE?  If you open the table in data sheet view, can you update any columns?
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You are probably updating or viewing another table than what you think.
Dale FyeOwner, Dev-Soln LLC
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It may be that you somehow turned off the SetWarnings indicator. In the VBE editor enter:

docmd.SetWarnings True

Now when you run the query, you should get some sort of message.

Then, you might try:

SELECT * FROM [yourTableName]

Any chance that what you think is a table is actually a query?
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

I am thinking that maybe you are having the wrong datatype in your table and you are trying to commit something that shouldn't happen...i suspect that you are using lookups in your table along with some kind of validation and mapping
So if your datatype is Number (byte) and you are trying to update with the value of 2017 it will fail because byte goes from 0 to 255...on the other hand you are seeing 2017 when you open the table...but probably there is a lookup and you are looking at the end value as there should be a table probably called Years or tblYears or something similar and it has a mapping something like
  1 ----> 2000
10 ---> 2010
17 -- > 2017
18 --> 2018


Hi all,,my apologies for the delay, I was pulled into another project. I am going to check the Set Warnings answer by Dale on Monday.  But this is just a basic table and I have gone into Create Query Design view, created an Update query on just this one field which is Number, Long Integer and I can type into the field 2017 but I obviously don't want to do that for the 1,000+ records
Nothing worked on the database to get the Update Query to do something, anything.  I then started a blank database, imported all the objects from the offending database, and everything works fine now.  Must be some corruption in the old database.

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