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Hi Experts,
can someone explain the procedure for generating certificates.

I am new to this I want to Generating private key for SFTP connection, i have a file that has a *.asc extension and i want to generate to private key and send it to third party.

Thank you,
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Same as for ssh... Something like...

ssh-keygen -q -N 'random-passphrase-here' -b 2048 -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/transfer.rsa -C 'File Transfer Key'

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Unlikely a *.asc file will be useful, unless it's named completely wrong + it's really a key.

The above command will generate a public + private key.

You must arrange to upload the public key into ~$user/.ssh/authorized_keys file for the user your targeting with your sftp command...

Or, you can just let SFTP handle all this + use no key. In this case, you'll just set a password + SFTP will manage the secure login based on user/pass, rather than key file.
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If you're new to setting up SFTP, I strongly suggest running MySecureShell, which provides a zero config SFTP server... which... works like you imagine an SFTP server should work.

Most SFTP servers are complex to setup + maintain.

MySecureShell is just install + you're done.

There are packages for MySecureShell on every sensible Linux Distro.
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Thank you for the detailed information

The vendor I plan to connect to is requesting PGP public Key, what is the extension of this file ? and is that generated from the asc file they sent me.
Why is the vendor sending me a asc file,does this mean that public key was already sent out. sorry , i just took over this from someone who left and i am not sure what he did.

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