Attaching several PDFs to an email in MS Access

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Is it possible to setup an email that automatically attaches several pdf's (once initially setup) to one recipient?
So that I can quickly and easily send a new employee their handbook and policies without having to attach each one individually?
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You'd be better off just doing something like a powershell script to generate the email.

$ol = New-Object -comObject Outlook.Application 
$message = $ol.CreateItem(0)
$message.Subject = "Website deployment"  
$message.Body = "See attached file for the updates made to the website`r`n`r`nWarm Regards`r`nLuke"
$file = "K:\Deploy-log.csv"
$attachment = new-object System.Net.Mail.Attachment $file

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What do you mean by "automatically"? Do you mean have a button on an Access form that does this? If so, then you can certainly do this in Access, but you'd have to use something like Outlook Automation to do so. The SendObject feature of Access does not allow this type of thing.

There's code everywhere to automate outlook. A good article here on EE is this one:

The article above includes a database with code samples.
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Great, thank you.

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