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Hyper V Host - Two subnets - migration.. How to configure NIC's for Location A and then to move to Location B

I am building a server in location A 192.168.x and it will be used to migrate servers onto this as a HyperV host with several VMs doing the work of original physical servers.

The server will then be transported to a different location B 10.0.X and will be where it lives from now on permanently.

My question is:

I want my Server to be able to communicate with 192.168.X so that I can copy data from servers and establish certain roles for SQL servers etc.. and migrate items over but I want the VM's to be tied to the location B network.

What would be the best way to do this so that:

1) it works
2) No performance issues when I move to Location B.

Happy to do a little rework on the Host but not lots.

So potentially I could have on the host:

NIC 1 - 192.168.X so it can communicate with servers and Internet services whilst I get the environment ready.
NIC 2 - 10.0.X configured (however unused until the move and point my VM's to this on a V Switch.

However, will the Host automatically allow traffic to flow for Internet and other servers on NIC 1 without any special setup?

I can see there are lots on this, but they do not answer it for me.. or rather I do not fully understand that they deliver 100% when viewing the posts.
So looking for a simple to the point steps for my scenario.

I have 1 new server (will be Hyper Visor - got 2016 on it now).. Waiting before I build VM's etc...  Will be DC, SQL, Files, DNS etc...
5 other servers to migrate data and db's from etc...

Later 2 switches available at Location A.

Many thanks everyone

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