Process of Building A Knowledge Database

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I have the task of building a knowledge base of information from email conversations that relate to specific topics. Where should I start to start building it?  Thanks.
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Are you looking to script the entire process or are you expecting some significant manual input to organise the information? If you go down the scripting route, you will need to handle parsing emails and the subjects, extracting relevant information and discarding what is not relevant. You will also need to consider removing duplicate information. You need to consider how you will classify entries (perhaps by defining sets of keywords and subjects). Finally, you need to consider how you will search for entries and format the results. Have a think about it. Post more back here and I or someone else can probably offer some more targeted advice.
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For you? or for a group of people?  

If for you, use One Note. Great for personal databases of information of various makeups and not table oriented.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

Really depends on who is the target user...

You or Internal, you might get away with OneNote or Evernote (which is what I use). Even creating a shared folder in the email server might be enough

If it needs to be more formal (ie for external access) or cross-linked, you'd need to provide some more info on the intended use to limit the possible choices.

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