Hosted email providers: alternatives to Gmail and O365

Can  anyone recommend an email hosting provider that can provide email addresses that
is NOT Office 365 or GSuite?

Key feature require is a good search facility, reliability (of course) and bonus points if European-based.

Service can be free or paid-for. I know there are loads of niche encrypted email services now but service does not have to be of the ultra-super-duper secure variety.

All suggestions welcome?
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
What is it you do not like about O365 or GSuite?  

You can get email hosting just about anywhere but the biggest advantage I have found with either O365 or Gsuite is spam control.  I used to host email on my shared servers a long time ago and even paid for some anti spam software and gave up because it was too much of a headache. The advantage of course is you can have unlimited email accounts but the amount of spam and dealing with deliverability issues was not worth the effort.

Otherwise, just about any hosting service will be able to handle email and most do as part of their offerings. is nice for windows servers and you may be able to use a service like Sendgrid as your email server too
furunoAuthor Commented:
Well, I just need a totally separate email account connected to a new email domain for billing.

I already use Gmail and Outlook 365 for three separate business entities.

I now need something totally separate. This also saves any possible confusion of using wrong email account for sending invoices etc. And I know  Gmail offers a fantastic spam-filtering but I was just wondering if there was a viable cloud-hosted alternative?
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
both gmail and o365 allow you to create a new tenant.  Each tenant can have several domains.
Each tenant will have an overall system administrator. Each Domain can have in addition to the tenant administrator a domain administrator.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
But you can use multiple domains and if your only reason is to separate confusion by using a different domain name, you can have multiple domain names inside one gsuite account.  Go to your admin panel and then select More options to see the domain menu. You should end up at a url that looks like

You can either add a new domain as a separate entity or you can add a domain alias. If you add it as an alias, that allows you to send and receive email under different domain names but you use the same user account. and are the same user/pass and can send and receive under either domain.  This could be confusing for some.

The other option is to just add the domain separately and have different users. This option may cost a little more though as your rate is per user.

That is the way I would go.

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Sebastian StrittmatterSoftware DevelopmentCommented:
If you want to use an other service than google or microsoft I can recommend you the service of

This is a very big european company with good spam control too.

I hope this helps.
furunoAuthor Commented:
These responses are truly mind-expanding as to what one can do with GSuite!

I will look at these more closely and report back decision.
furunoAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

I've taken into account spam filtering, benefits of centralised administration, cost and finally plumped for adding a new domain under my existing GSuite account - something I never knew you could even do.

Thank you everyone again.
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