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Seeking Suggestions for Installing DMG file on Linux

I am building an encoding server in Amazon Linux. This is typically build using Mac OS X.

I have one more step, and that is to install "HTTPLiveStreamingTools368.dmg".

What is the simplest method to install an .DMG file typically used on Mac OSX to be installed on Linux?

Thanks for your assistance and suggestions.

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Martyn Spencer
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I am not aware of any way of doing this. A DMG file will contain executables intended for the OSX platform and I cannot see how you would run these executables.

If the package you want to install has source, you may be able to build it for Linux.

If you just want to examine the contents, check out this link: and follow the instructions. They should work for most distributions with minor changes, if any.
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I highly doubt a DMG will work on Linux.

Mac OS-X is based on FreeBSD Unix, which works differently and uses different libraries from Linux.
Even using a DMG on FreeBSD will be hard to do, as Apple also uses different libraries (f.e. windows manager) on Mac OS that are not available from on FreeBSD.

Now what does HTTPLiveStreamingTools368 do..., FFMpeg, VLC, or other tools might work on linux.
Addendum: VLC supports HLS (Http Live Streaming from V2.0 onwards).
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I'm not sure whether it will work or not,
Please find the below link,
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Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Since a DMG itself is proving to be a pain, and I've been using Brew (HomeBrew/LinuxBrew) to install the majority of tools, perhaps I will take a different approach.

David Favor mentioned what this package contains. Is there a way for me to open up this DMG file and see what's in it? I highly suspect that I'll be able to download the necessary pieces elsewhere.

Thank you again for your help. The more I use Linux the more I understand that it's really the workhorse for what I'm using it for.
My comment above, and another one links to locations where you can find instructions on opening and mounting a DMG file so that you can see the contents.
Ah, thank you Martyn. Yes, your link was helpful for sure. What I really was looking for was "how to view the contents of a DMG file on Mac OSX". Thank you for your suggestion to look back at those links, those were very helpful.
A DMG file is just a container.  It's not some sort of "package".  Mac packages use the .pkg and .mpkg extensions, and those are different from .dmg files and can exist within the DMG package.  DMGs are more  like an ISO file, but specific to the MAC OS.  If you want to use it on linux, convert it to ISO.  You can use Disk to convert a DMG to an ISO file by selecting DVD/CD Master as the format to save as.  There are also tools for doing that on Windows.

Here's the OS X command line utility.
hdiutil convert /path/imagefile.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/convertedimage.iso

Once the format is converted to ISO, you can use Linux utilities to mount the ISO and view the data.
As serialband said, a DMG is a container, like MP4 or MKV files.

Likely the DMG contains compiled code which will only work on OSX due to library dependencies.

To view the contents of a DMG file...

Right click on *.dmg file -> Show enclosing folder.
DMG == Disk Image  --> ISO  It's the mac version of the ISO.  

Convert it to ISO and it will still work on a MAC.  ISOs are more universal.
even then if there are binaries on them they still most probably won't work outside of an IOS system, withou help o some "emulator" ...
Like windows binaries only work on windows or under Wine on linux.   Or linux binaries not "just work"  on windows or IOS X.