Need to either fix broken OS or restore System State from DPM but having issues with both

James White
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I'm having an issue where we cannot get any repair methods to work at all. We had a RAID 5 failure with Disk 1 failing and Disk 0 forcing itself offline. I forced Disk 0 online and then replaced Disk 1 with a new disk and allowed it to rebuild. However, the OS (Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter) became corrupted. Anytime I load the OS, I get a Boot Data Configuration error 0x00000f

I tried running all sorts of bcdedit and bcdboot style commands to try to fix the boot files. via cmd line with the recovery DVD. Literally, nothing we tried working. It became a frustrating experience.

We turned to DPM 1801 which has a System State backup. We wanted to restore with that. However the wbadmin start systemstaterecovery didn't work because "its not supported in WinRE environment". If I try wbadmin start sysrecovery, it tells me it can't find the backup. Do I have to blow up the OS, re-install the OS, and then run the restore? Sounds redundant.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Sounds like you had a 4-disk configuration.  When 2 disks go bad in a 4-disk or 5-disk configuration the result can indeed become unrecoverable.  A better choice for business use is RAID 6 which will tolerate two disk failures.  RAID 10 would also be a possibility.

The thing about RAID sets is that they are usually installed with drives all purchased at the same time.  When the first drive failure occurs there is often another failure coming along right behind it so it is necessary to deal with RAID failures expeditiously.

In this situation I would replace the failed drives, relink the RAID set, then restore from the most recent full backup.  (Always remember that RAID is not a panacea; there must still be periodic full image backups.)  At that point you can decide whether to restore from the system state snapshot.


I already replaced the drive that failed. I can get to the OS via recovery DVD but repairing the BCD files fail. I'm stuck on trying to restore via system state. We don't have  BMR backup. It is only System State. It won't let me restore via System State because its via the cmd prompt in the recovery DVD which is not allowed apparently.
I had do a new OS install from scratch, re-install the same apps, and then I was able to run the system state restore

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