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Hi, My question relates to Microsoft Azure - i'm not too familiar with it or how it integrates with on prem structure, so here are my questions:

1) I have multiple forests across my company and the domain is at the Head Of one of the forest structures.  I have an application that is going into the Azure cloud and I wanted to ask, how the other forests will be able to resolve the IPs of the machines added to Azure onto this doamin?  Obviously those users who are either directly under or under in the child domain, will be able to see this domain but those forests who are only connected via Site to Site VPN, (trust relationships are established), how will they resolve?

2) I have three projects ongoing, one is Office 365, the second is a cloud app and the third is another Cloud appp.  Is it better to setup one tentancy and three subscriptions or multiple tentancy with one subscriptions each?  What are the reasons for standardising this process.

3)  I would like single sigon, how can I acheive this?  Azure AD is available but not in use - if i need SSO, how can i achieve this for the other domains as well.

Cheers all
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This sounds like you could use a consultant to understand the needs of your organization and to design things accordingly. But I'll give my two cents here.

1) Identity, name resolution, and connectivity are all going to play into addressing this question. There are several ways to handle it and it will depend on the needs of the organization.

2) Again, depending on the needs of the org. But if you want all forests to be in a single Azure AD, then one tennant would be the way to go.

3) SSO can mean different things depending on the context. You can sync all forests to the same Azure AD and federate the authentication.


Thank you for your input, I will take this onboard.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / Engineer

Glad to help. :)

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