Easy to use appliance or alternative for streaming audio / music?  And recommendations on amp / speakers for that?

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Helping a friend that wants a simple way to play streaming music in his shop.

I thought of Alexa / echo dot.

Also thought of a cable TV box connected only to audio to play the music channel through the audio out.  But a cable box rental / TV service would be expensive / month.

Are there 'appliances' for specific streaming services for audio?  

Otherwise I envision having to have a PC / iphone / ipod type thing running the app of a streaming service?

And then - this is music to play in a hair salon.  What's the legality of playing the services in a commercial environment?  Is there a business subscription  that covers playing it in a commercial business?

Finally - feeding the audio out of an echo dot / PC / ipod into 3 speakers for a 1,200 sq ft room.  We're thinking 3 ceiling speakers. But need an amp to do that? Any recommendations?
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The legal ramifications are usually a show-stopper for this kind of thing.  We've discussed this issue before ... here's the links.




BMI's position is that it doesn't matter whether the source of the music is coming from a free streaming site on the internet or if you have, say, a licensed Sirius "radio."  If it's used in a commercial place of business, a separate license is required of the business owner.

You can try playing the "less than 2000 square feet" or "less than 3750 square feet" card, but do you really want to take the risk of going up against a multi-million dollar corporation whose primary job is squeezing money out of people?
ok.  we'll get the license. that was just one part of the question.

how to get a streaming service to 3 speakers for an area that's about 1200 feet (actually lets say 800 ft - there's back office / rooms that won't have the sound.

And an easy interface.  I guess an ipod with the streaming app on it, earphone jack to ____ ?? an amp? then the 3 speakers - in series? parallel?

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