recommend having OWA enabled on non-human mailboxes such as resources, journal, conference rooms etc?

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Would like to know pros and cons to having OWA enabled on "non-human" mailboxes (i.e conference rooms, resource mailboxes, journal mailboxes, conference room phones etc).  Recommendation would be appreciated and justification with pros and cons would be helpful.

Thank you
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it really is you choice because non-human mailboxes you mention are all associated with disabled user accounts with no password by default, so you can't access those mailboxes via OWA anyway. now if you enable those accounts and set passwords you would be able to access them, or if you grant a user full manage access to those mailboxes that user with full access could log into OWA with their own account and from there access the non-human mailbox via OWA. In regards to security it's always good to provide less access so I would say disable it, but the default nature of those mailboxes will not allow OWA access apart from the methods i mentioned.

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