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UpdateQuery for Row Update To Another Table

Gd Day, I am trying to determine if there's a way for a Tbl1 query to run an individual row update to a linked Table2 based on matched row records from the table1 ?
Both Tables are structurally identical, fields data of both Tables "Client", "OrderDate" and "ProductNo" always identical when replicated.
Only Field1 to 3 are constant updating in Tbl1 daily, new client name always enter into Tbl2 only, therefore in this case, delete and append to make up for the update to Tbl 2 is out of the question.

Tbl1                                                                                            Tbl2
Client    OrderDate  ProductNo  Fld1   Fld2    Fld3             Client    OrderDate  ProductNo  Fld1   Fld2    Fld3
Client1  10-01-2018   10-1234A    A       100       X                Client1   10-01-2018   10-1234A                                              
Client2  10-02-2018   25-1857C    B       330       Y                Client2   10-02-2018   25-1857C                                                
Client3  10-03-2018   3320E-A1    C       550       Z                Client3    10-03-2018   3320E-A1                                                

Tbl2 Result after update query update from tbl1
Client           OrderDate      ProductNo      Fld1       Fld2          Fld3
Client1        1-Oct-2018      10-1234A          A           100             X
Client2        2-Oct-2018      25-1857C          B           330             Y
Client3        3-Oct-2018      3320E-A1          C           550             Z

Please note, the row update criteria for records are "Client", "OrderDate" and "ProductNo", Fields pending update in Tbl2 are actually way more then 3 as shown as example
The Update Query must be able to find the match of "Client", "OrderDate" and "ProductNo" in tbl2 to update Field 1 to 3+

Appreciate if anyone able to provide solutions to obtain the result.

Microsoft AccessSQL

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