Excel spreadsheet keeps crashing

Hi - We have an excel 2016 spreadsheet that we use as a product list/price sheet, that is about 5mb in size. When we open it and do copy/pastes or what seems to be small modifications, it either crashes or freezes. We are accessing it on a terminal server/Server 2016 that has 4 Xeon processors/25 gb RAM. When this Excel file is open and changes are being made, it utilizes 15-20% of the 4 processors. I've turned off hardware acceleration in Excel (because I've heard this can cause issues), it helped for a little while, but it still is an issue. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
What is the message when it crashes? Is it possible that someone enabled Sharing? Go to Review and see if the Sharing button has been enabled. If so, turn it off. This is a known issue:
hodgemAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response - I just checked, and sharing is not enabled.
Rob BrockettCommented:

Try changing the default printer so it’s not pointing at a network printer eg change it to “MS XPS Document Writer”.

There could be lots of other reasons, can you provide more details about your file?

What sort of things are in your workbook?
For example:
- formulae containing full column references?
- external links to other workbooks?
- does it contain macros esp.:
— event code
— user defined functions (UDF’s)?
- conditional formatting?

hodgemAuthor Commented:
For some reason, this issue does not occur if the Excel sheet has the "xls" extension versus the "xlsx" extension. Once renamed, we noticed it didnt affect the sheet at all, and everything was fine after that.

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