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How to correctly handle Many to Many relationship in Access?

Main form frmTitles (tblTitles) with subform subfrmSongs (tblSongs).  The key fields are TitleID (tblSongs) and SongID (tblSongs).  I now am having to deal with a many to many relationship between a song and composers.  I have a tblComposers (ComposerID, ComposerFirstName, ComposerLastName).  I also have set up a join table tblMMSongComposers with two key fields SongID and ComposerID.

How do I setup entering the data on subfrmSongs to include the composer(s) for each individual song?  I am guessing it would be an unbound control that would take the current SongID pass it through tblMMSongComposers and tie it with the appropriate ComposerID(s).  2018-10-04-MusicManagerRelationships.pdf
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