proofread : correct the sentences

which one is grammatically correct and why
we dont need to go there because,we have not been invited.

we need not go there because,we were not invited.
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAsked:
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
You don't need the "because" and the comma, its one or the other.

we don't need to go there because we have not been invited.


we don't need to go there, we have not been invited.

I have also corrected the word "don't" to include the apostrophe.

The second sentence is very formal or old fashioned.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Both are OK.

I would use this:

We do not need to go there because we have not been invited.

I eliminated the first contraction to make it sound better.
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Strictly speaking, neither sentence is 100% correct. Get rid of the commas, though, and they're both correct (although don't needs an apostrophe and the first word in each sentence should be capitalized). "We need not" sounds a little stilted, but it's still grammatical, and whether to use contractions or not is up to you.
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
The choice of usage depends on the timing of the statement.

"We don't need to go there because we have not been invited."

This refers to the present time, what you are doing now.

Could be rewritten as:
"We are not going because we have not been invited"

The second half of the other sentence ie "....we were not invited" implies that it was in the past so would be better as:

"We didn't need to go there because we were not invited."

or simply:
"We didn't go because we were not invited."

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DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
I'm going to go into the weeds a little, because there's another issue with these sentences that's more related to logic than grammar. One's need to go to a certain place doesn't logically follow from being invited (or not invited) to that place, although one's ability to go to that place might. If you're not invited to an exclusive party, for example, you won't be able to get in, regardless of your perceived "need" to hang with Kanye.

You could say, "We don't need to go there and we haven't been invited," if you wanted to present two independent reasons for not going somewhere, but because implies a logical connection between two statements that isn't actually true in this case. Alternatively, "We can't go there because we haven't been invited," is both logical and grammatical but doesn't address the need to go somewhere.
Paul JacksonSoftware EngineerCommented:
The logic is fine, need can also refer to an obligation, rather than a necessity.
E.g. We need to go to the office party because it is expected.
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Hmmmm. Context is important, and I guess if an invitation implies an obligation, you're right. I can think of some situations in which that would certainly be true.
Andrew LeniartIT Consultant & Freelance JournalistCommented:
we dont need to go there because,we have not been invited.
we need not go there because,we were not invited.
Actually, they're both wrong because there should be a space after the comma and before the word "we".

Sorry... couldn't resist.

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