Issue with Custom Site Passing Data to GUI

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Hello, Experts!


Windows Server 2016
IIS version 8
the site lives in c:\inetpub\
ports are http 80 and https 443


What might be causing the issue of receiving data from a REST call using angular hosted on IIS 8 (see image attached)? I want to start a dialogue so you guys can ask more questions and I could provide more narrowed answers.
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you are probably getting html response as indicated by the <  perhaps the start of <html>
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As Dave has suggested the JSON is invalid.

This is usually due to a URL pointing to the wrong place
A script that is erroring and sending back an HTML error page

To resolve post the link for the request into a browser and test to see if that works.

You are getting a 200 response so the server did not pick up a problem and sent back what it thought was a valid response.

So either URL wrong place or script responding with HTML output due to internal error or some other condition.

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