Active Directory Security Groups deployment

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I have Active Directory users in flat mode.  No Security Groups, just flat users.  I need to deploy Security Groups (no OUs) and organize users per department and geographical locations.
About 500 users.  I have exported users list in Excel file.  Name, email, department, title, and location.
What' the best way to tackle that?  Trying to avoid doing it manually.  PowerShell script would be great I know.  If someone can help with command/scrips would be great.  
Thanks in advance.
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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The below link will provide a simple script to add members from a csv file to a security group
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First you need to define your groups (according to roles, access, etc.) and what naming convention you'll use.

Then define the filtering criteria for which users will be members of which groups.  You'll likely also have groups that only have other groups as members.
If your filtering criteria matches with the info you have available (either already entered in account attributes in AD, or in fields in a .CSV), then you can try scripting the adding of accounts to groups.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

You better organize your users into OUs. It is needed for group policies to work properly, or at least much easier.

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