GridView vertical column headings without breaking the sort functionality

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I have a GridVIew table in an project. I need the column headings to be oriented vertically.

I have achieved this with the following steps:

1) Adding the following into the head:

            writing-mode: vertical-rl;

2) Adding the following into gvResults_DataBound:

For C = 2 To 16
      gvResults.HeaderRow.Cells(C).Text = "<div class=""verticaltext"">" & gvResults.Columns(C).HeaderText & "</div>"

This has the required visual effect, but unfortunately breaks the ability to click the column heading to sort the table.

Can anyone suggest a way to re-orient the header text without breaking the sort functionality.


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It's been a while since I've used Gridviews but can you use

      <ItemStyle  CssClass="mystyle" />

with css
{vertical-align: <something here>}


<asp:TemplateField ItemStyle-VerticalAlign="....."

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