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Whenever I am using Chrome and there is something that requires Adobe Flash Player(AFP). I get a message saying click to enable AFP. and when I do that another pop-up box says run flash allow -block. See screen capture. In spite of every time, I say yes to run flash it keeps coming up every time there is AFP need in what I am trying to access. Is there a way to enable AFP to run without being asked every single time?

Thank you,


Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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Gopi RajuSystem EngineerCommented:
Hi, try following the below fixes.

Step 1: Turn on Flash
Only allow Flash to run on websites that you trust.

On your computer, open Chrome.
Go to the site with the video or game.
To the left of the web address, click Lock Lock or Info Information.
At the bottom, click Site Settings.
In the new tab, to the right of 'Flash', click Allow.
Go back to the site and reload the page.

Step 2: Update Flash
On your computer, open Chrome.
In the address bar at the top, enter chrome://components and press Enter.
Look for 'Adobe Flash Player'.
Click Check for update.
If you see 'Component not updated' or 'Component updated', you're on the latest version.
Go back to the page with the Flash content. If it doesn't open automatically, at the top-left, click Reload Reload.

Step 3: Update Chrome
On your computer, open Chrome.
At the top-right, click More More.
Click Update Google Chrome. If you don't see this button, you're on the latest version.
Click Relaunch.

Please refer for more information.
David S.Commented:
You can add sites to a whitelist in Chrome's Settings to allow Flash without asking. The "Allowing Sites to Run Flash" section of this page explains how:
Alex LimIT Solution Consultant @ pupuweb.comCommented:
I afraid this is impossible to achieve. According to the latest update to Chrome released just after the 10th anniversary of that browser’s debut, requires you to grant a site permission to run that multimedia plug-in after each restart of Chrome.

Each time you visit a site that requires Flash, you’ll have to click a “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player” button, then click an “Allow” button at the top-left corner of the browser to enable that content to play.


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Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Thank you all. Let me try these suggestions.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Thank you, everyone. The first 2 experts solutions did not work for me. It still asked me after I did what was suggested. I believe that Alex might be right. I guess have no other choice.

Thank you,

Basem Khawaja
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
I believe that Alex might be right. I guess have no other choice.
For what it's worth, I agree with Alex's conclusion, but just as an aside, due to the insecure nature of Flash itself and how many times it's been compromised, I think it's actually a good thing. Without this type of protection, you could land on a page that exploits flash vulnerabilities by mistake and end up with a whole host of trouble as a result. I didn't enter into this question because I wasn't keen on helping you find a way to remove the block. I'm sure a workaround could be found with some effort, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Regards, Andrew
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.
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