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The SHARE button is not showing up in SharePoint online except on the default site.  When a new site is created (TEAM Site created from SharePoint) the SHARE SITE button is not showing up.  Shareping with external feature is enabled.  I can share a document with external people.   But I can't share the site.  I'm trying to figure it out but I don't understand why the SHARE SITE button is not there.  

Thank you
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Two things to check here. First of all, are you directly accessing the site, or just looking at the "embedded" view from your ODFB page? In other words, if you see the "Go to site" link in the top right corner, you are in the wrong place and the "Share" button will be missing.

Next, if this is an actual Team site, the Share button will be missing by default. "sharing" is instead done by adjusting the membership of the underlying group. The same is true for any other type of "group-connected" site.


You're right.  I now understand that SharePoint has only one default site by collection.  All the other sites are either subsites or Office 365 GROUPS / TEAMS SharePoint site (created from TEAMS, which creates an Office 365 group)   Well, I'm not sure were groups / teams sites go but I guess it's in the same collection, otherwise it's an special invisible collection.

I can see SHARE SITE on the default site or any subsites.  As you said the Share button is missing on any other sites (group-connected, Teams)   I can add members from TEAMS or group on those sites, as you said.

I got my answer.  But I'm not sure the old way is better as almost all Apps (including tasks) and lists are available in group SharePoint sites.  Besides I can create a Team or project or blog or any other subsite in a TEAMS based SharePoint site.  I think it's easier.  


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