Remove taken space in Exchange Database by disabled mail accoutns

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Dear Experts, we have several Exchange 2016 servers (VMs) in Vsphere 6.5 environment, but one SAN storage is running out of space.

How can I check whether if we can delete some space in Exchange Database? Due to company policy, we have to keep disabled mailuser for a year; but in urgent they can be deleted.

But I'm not sure to check the space which was taken by those disabled accounts. Can  you please help? many thanks!
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Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP & MCT)


You can try defrag to claim back whitespace
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Hi Edward, do you have any reference link for that? Does it require down time in Exchange server?
Sr. Systems Administrator
Really, to reclaim whitespace now, it is better to create a new Database and move the users there. To use eseutil commands to reclaim whitespace requires a lot of room to work with.(and I have had mixed results)
   Exchange will increase the size of a database without issue as long as there is disk space available but will not decrease the size of a database. It simply flags unused space in the database as Whitespace that can be reused. This is done automatically. If you have a lot of whitespace in the database, it is better to create a new one and move all the users there, then  move arbitration mailboxes and delete the old database.
 To determine the amount of whitespace, you can use powershell Get-MailboxDatabase "<databasename>" -Status | fl Name,AvailableNewMailboxSpace. this will gvie you a conservative estimate. To get an accurate picture, you would need to dismount the database and use eseutil /ms.

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