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CA Workload Automation AE (CA WAAE Autosys) - Error code 655 - Linux Agent


I have a weird issue that is happening sometimes on my linux machines. I try to run a job using autosys and it fails throwing a error code -655 (see attached file).
We are running Autosys agent 11.3.6 and on most machines it works very well. Our agent is running as "root".  OS is Redhat 7.4. No autosys job has ever run on the machine.

What I understand from the log I get from the running job, it's like autosys thinks my machine is a Windows machine and it wants to login directly with my user. So I need to store my username/pass in the autosys password database (autosys_secure). It's not normal from what I know. The Linux autosys agent should execute the job as the user specified in the job definition.

We compared the job on 2 machines (it works on one and not in the other). They are identical. My "jboss" user exists on the machine, I'm able to sudo su - jboss. I don't know the password of it, which is irrelevant. My script has the proper rights (I can execute my script on the machine as "jboss")

We checked the agent configuration and it seems there is no difference between a functionnal and disfunctional machine.

Does anyone have any idea on this?


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Looks like your file attachment failed. provides good coverage explaining possible problem causes + solutions.
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Hi David,

Thanks for your answer. Yea I found this topic. Basically I found every topic that discussed about that on the internet. Nothing really helped. I checked step by step 2 days ago all the points described in your link :-(

I will try to reupload my file as soon as I can.
Here is the attached file.
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