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Help modifying query to honor min and max markups

I need modify this query to honor the minmk and maxmk, if mt = 'P' and either minmk and maxmk exist.
Not sure how to do that...

Currently, the query returns 125.00 for the first record and 2893.75. It needs to return 140.00 and 2815.00

Note: There are only 'P' (percentage) and 'F' (flat) markup types.

    -- when the markup is a 'P' (percentage) multiply     
               FROM p.markups c0 
               WHERE = 'M07' AND 
            = 'M34' AND 
            = '107') = 'P' THEN
		TO_CHAR(u.price + (u.price * (SELECT 
		                                FROM p.markups c1 
		                                WHERE = 'M07' AND 
		                             = 'M34' AND 
		                             = '107')) , 'FM999999999.00')
	-- when the markup is a 'F" (flat), so add it
		TO_CHAR(u.price + (SELECT 
		                    FROM p.markups c2 
		                    WHERE = 'M07' AND 
		                 = 'M34' AND 
		                 = '107') , 'FM999999999.00')
	END as mkprice	
FROM u.unet u
WHERE = 'M34' AND = '107'

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If I have this data in `p.markups`:
"id" , "pid", "pt" , "mt", "mk", "minmk", "maxmk", "exc"
"M07", "M34", "107", "P" , 0.25, 40     , 500    , 0

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and this data in u.unet:
"id",  "pt" , "price"
"M34", "107",  100.00
"M34", "107", 2315.00

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With some modification this worked just great, thanks.