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Local Domain Name and external web site have same name

I have a little big problem, my company have a domain name and an external website also called I have added an A record pointing to the external IP address of, I have also an A record WWW pointing to the external IP address of

The internal users can type and it goes through after a long wait, the wait between 20 to 30 seconds every time the access something on the website (but at least the can access it right?).

Any suggestions as of how we can eliminate this big delay??

Running AD on Windows Server 2012.

Thank you very much
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if you control you own dns, create an a record pointing to the internal IP. That should speed things up.
i think that your problem could be a NAT internal to external IP causing the issue on your firewall
one additional thing. If you would like to test things add the internal ip and address to your Hosts file to test or try connecting to your site using ip address only
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Thank you mfgsilva, I did try the website using the IP address and it opens right away, however once in there, if I want to brow the site, it goes slow again, as it converts the IP into the website name. I do control my DNS servers. I dont have a NAT rule on this for my firewall.

I really appreciate your assistance
is the IP address the same internal and external ? if not you probably have a static route somewhere pointing your external traffic out
or your local dns settings are pointing to an external dns instead of internal
they are different IP addresses. My website have a public IP and my internal is a private IP. I have added DNS records on my internal DNS server. A record pointing to the external IP address and A  record www pointing to the external IP as well
if you control you internal DNS change a record  external IP to your Internal and  test.
I forgot to add, I did migrate my DNS, DHCP and AD server from windows 2008 32bit to windows 2012 server, I dont if this is a coincidence, but  it  started right after that move
sorry, which record on DNS? my external IP to my internal IP??
yes if your external is :
and your internal is :

Change you a record www from to

and test
Nope that didn't work, I get the webpage cannot be reached
do a trace route and check on you system gets to the site
it gets there fine with 2 time outs in between but at the end it shows me instead of the but I see that the .biz name is a pointer to the .com domain
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Jeremy Weisinger

If you have an internal AD domain, you need to remove the "Same as parent" record you added pointing to the external server. That will mess things up. So internally you will need to use and not as you need that for your internal AD.

Are there multiple records for or
If you switch your computer's dns server to use, does the website resolve normally and is quick?
Is it slow on just loading the first time but can you then browse around quickly?
concur remove the A record that points to the external address and keep just the that  points to the external address.
or remove both from your local dns entirely and manage the www at your registrar
@Jeremy, first of all, thank you very much for your reply, I have removed both and or one of the entries on my DNS and we cannot access the website at all, we do type and we got page cannot be display/cant be found.

@David, also thank you very much, you both have good points. I have an entry on my registrar, that reads: * to external IP address. but I don't have to external IP. I have only the wild card.
@jeremy, I have added as my dns and its much faster
OK, it does point to an internal DNS issue. This is a split-brain DNS setup. So for you to resolve internal resources you need to point to your internal DNS server. To be able to access the external, you need to add that record to your internal DNS zone.

Here's a few questions that might help narrow down things:
When using the internal DNS server, is it slow on just loading the first time but can you then browse around quickly or is it constantly slow?
On the internal DNS server, do you have multiple www records?
when using internal DNS is constantly slow.
I only have one www on my records
Does the website use any other subdomains besides www? (e.g., media.mydom.... , scripts.mydom...., etc.)
Does the website hard code anything to
yes, The website have also which points to
So, if I enter on my browser, translates to
If I launch the webpage on the DNS server itself, it runs fast, just an observation
then I'd suggest you should look at the client dns records they should only point to the AD DNS servers and not any of the public dns servers
Thank you David, all my clients are DHCP therefore they all get AD DNS. I added pointing to the external IP of the website and as DNS and that seems to work fine, but that is a temporary fix.
If you're using for the client machines, you might have issues with local resources.

You mentioned that the server performed quickly. Do you know if the server is pointed to itself for DNS or is it using an external DNS server?

Maybe it's a performance issue on the local DNS server? You can run some benchmarks against it to see how it performs:
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