Rename physical filenames of SQL Server 2017 database

I am looking for the correct way to rename physical file names for SQL Server 2017 database.  In 2008 R2 this was so easy to just detach, rename the mdf/ldf files, then reattach and point SSMS to the 'new' mdf/ldf files.  However, in 2017 I cannot figure it out.  I've found different postings when Googling, but they all seem to lead me to a dead end or are too complex for me to understand.  

I would like, for example, to take a database I have attached as Database_1234 - which has physical file names of Database.mdf and Database.ldf - to be renamed to Database_1234.mdf and Database_1234.ldf.

I need the simplest, easiest, non-advanced DB admin way to do this.  Thank you in advance.
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
1) Alter the db filenames to the new names.  You can get the logical file names from the command "EXEC sp_helpfile":

ALTER DATABASE Database_1234 MODIFY FILE ( NAME = <logical_file_name>, FILENAME = 'x:\full\path\to\file\Database_1234.mdf' );
ALTER DATABASE Database_1234 MODIFY FILE ( NAME = <logical_file_name2>, FILENAME = 'y:\full\path\to\file\Database_1234.ldf' );

2) Set the db offline:

ALTER DATABASE Database_1234 SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK AFTER 60 SECONDS; /* or WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE to not wait at all, to just immediately kill anything that's running */

3) Rename the physical file names.  You can use Windows, a script, any method you want to do the renaming

4) Set the db online:


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SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the very straightforward and easy to follow instructions.  Works like a charm.
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