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How do I set the settings in Excel 2000 to NOT print row numbers?

Last Modified: 2018-10-07
How do I set the settings in Excel 2000 to NOT print row numbers?

I still want the column headers to print. All I want to NOT print is the row numbers. I've looked in the various help tabs and at various websites, and they all seem to have steps to not print BOTH the row numbers and column headers.

Am I asking for the impossible? I thought this would be very easy, but I guess I need an expert's help, so here I am!

Note: I use Excel 2000 rather than a newer version because I use Excel for very simple projects and not that often. It still works fine in Windows 10.
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It's both or nothing unfortunately. What you could do though is hide both headings and recreate manually the column headings in the first row.
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I have Excel (Office) 2000 on my Windows 2000 machine and I checked it.  All or nothing as noted above unless you wish to manually set the columns.
I'd assume that column headings are defined in the first row and if that's the case go to the top of your window where you'll find an icon (down arrow) that you can use to add the "Set Print Area" option to your ribbon.  

I'm your spreadsheet select the data you want to print, including headings, and then click on "Set Print Area."  If the row numbers still appear when you select "Print Preview" then de-select the appropriate button from the page view menu.
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