Windows 10 Feature Upgrade 1809: Infineon TPM Professional Package deinstallieren

When I try to upgrade 1 of my 3 clients to Windows 10 1809 (from an ISO created with the Media Creation Tool) I am asked to manually deinstall the Infineon TPM Professional Package.

I can't find this package (or anything else named Infineon) anywhere: Installed Programms, Installed Apps, Registry, c:\swsetup.

Do you hve any idea?

Many thanks - Michael
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"I had the same problem with Infineon TP Professional when I updated Windows 10 with fall update 1709 on a HP Elite 8200. It did not have the application installed, so I could not understand why the the update kept failing.
After searching the internet, I found information that if the installation files for Infineon,  located in C:\swsetup, is deleted, the update will continue. I deleted the folder and voila! Update 1709 could continue."
(Quoted from )
So look for that folder, c:\swsetup, please. It could be located in other folders as well, and I am not sure what we need to search for. But emphasizing again: Setup "complains" about setup files for that software, not about it being actually installed. So you simply need to find those setup files and delete them (as they are unneeded, anyway).
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try the above from McKnife and let us know.

I read in Microsoft MVP threads this morning that V1809 may have been pulled (not yet verified) because some users lost their files.

So (a) no rush to upgrade at this point and (b) be sure you back up before upgrading.

I have my two Lenovo machines (ThinkPad and ThinkCenter) running V1809 just fine at this point, but we are not rushing to update client machines until we know that the V1809 update is working well.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I was able to confirm that V1809 has been pulled and no new release date offered.

So best at this point to wait.
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Nothing like windows deleting all your files and photos ,eh?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I was in the Microsoft MVP group and several people lost their files. Microsoft has now confirmed the bug and pulled the update
sg08234Author Commented:
I shall wait (2 clients are working fine with 1809).

But: I did not fond ana folder named swsetup anywhere and I did not find (file-/diretory name, content) anything named Infineon anywhere: Installed Programs, Installed Apps, Registry. Thus I am afraid that even a fixed 1809 might create the problem.
The question is not solved. The reviewed version will not act differently, so I advise you to re-open this question, so you'll have a solution by the time the revised version is out.

Please do the following, so I can assist you: download a proper search tool (I recommend this freeware: ) and search your whole hard drive for executables with a modified date of before 2010 and list what comes up so I can help you identify the culprit.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thus I am afraid that even a fixed 1809 might create the problem.

It will check your hardware and software environment first (that is what V1809 did for me when it was first out). So it will find anything it is not happy with and remove it before upgrading.
sg08234Author Commented:
McKnife: Thanks! I deleted my solution marker (hoping this has reopened the question) und will use as recommended.
sg08234Author Commented:
McKnife: Why searching for executables with a modified date of before 2010? Do I have to search on my data disk D: too?

sg08234Author Commented:
McKnife: Here are the search criteria used and the search results for C: - How can I find the "responsible" EXE?
C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{015CFA5F-1377-48B2-84DB-F4D3DE8EBAF7}\Setup.exe 55 KB Anwendung 04.09.2001 22:23:24 25.12.2015 11:03:11 25.12.2015 11:03:11
C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{AF8D8D0D-1262-4368-895E-44DA5632CD7B}\Setup.exe 55 KB Anwendung 04.09.2001 22:23:24 25.12.2015 11:03:03 25.12.2015 11:03:03
Rename these two exe files to .exebak and see if setup continues.

Please note: you can stop setup anytime if you don't want to upgrade to 1809 now. Simply click the "X".
sg08234Author Commented:
I did as porposed but the problem still exists (see attachment).

Do you have any further recommendations?
1 that was the rubber hammer, now let's use the wooden hammer: use a script to rename all that some.exe to some.exebak
I attached two batch files: renamer.bat renames them from .exe to .exebak, renamer2.bat undoes that. They are named renamer.txt, please change the extension to .bat
2 Can you please upload the C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log file?
3 what about a d: drive - none present?
sg08234Author Commented:
1: I shall do so if nothing else helps.
2: See attached file
3: I did RanSack for D: (see attached Search criteria und Results).

Many thanks - Michael

Go through your and search for TPM Professional Package (34 hits!). Now rename those executables to .exebak (or delete them as you don't need them) and retry setup. The new setup should be available by now, if I am not mistaken. If it still does not work, take the same results page and search for TPM, it will give you another 55 hits to rename. You keep a lot of old junk, I must say ;-)
sg08234Author Commented:
How do you feel about disabling / disconnecting D: during setup (D: is pure data)?

As I do support also for many old customers I feel better having access even to old junk :-)
Yes, do that. That's an easy solution.

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sg08234Author Commented:
Removing drive letter D: did help - Many thanks - Michael
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