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Navigation on form, subform, sub-subforms

I have a complex problem.  I have a main form (frmTitles) that holds the title (CD Title) information.  On frmTitles there is a subform subfrmSongs (continuous form) and in the footer of subfrmSongs are two forms frmMMSongComposer and frmMMSongGroup which are both Many to Many Relationship to tblSongs (frmSongs).

I would like to enter the Title information, then the song information.  This is where is gets dicey.  The tab order for subfrmSongs is Side/Disc, Position, Song Title, Song Type and SongLength.  Once I exit SongLength I would like to go to frmMMSongComposer, then frmMMSongGroup and then back to subfrmSongs to enter the next song.

As the form is now I have to enter each song, then for each song enter the information for frmMMSongComposer and frmMMSongGroup then select the next song.

Is there an easier way to structure this?   Note in the attached
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