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I am looking for a program that will trigger an email to be sent with attachments, subject and body editable and the name of the attachment as well.
With one double click it will then send the email... perhaps from a shortcut on a desktop.
Without using huge programs similar to Outlook etc..
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Without using huge programs similar to Outlook etc..

What do you mean by "similar to Outlook etc" ? To be able to send an email, there has to be an email program of some type involved.

Have you thought about just saving the email in Outlooks Draft folder or is the purpose of this so that Outlook can be closed? If you save to Drafts, when you need to send, just re-open the saved email manually and click Send whenever you like.

Or you can easily schedule it to send at a certain time automatically as described in this link and just keep Outlook minimized.

What email program is your preference? The above should be possible with just about any email client.


I have tried SwithMail, it times out when sending attachments.

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