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Derek Brown
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In MS Access I have a report with a customer logo. The logo gets it's image (jpg) from a linked file so the image is gathered from a file on the customers pc. If users have windows 10 then once every 6 to 12 months or so the link is broken or at least the image disappears. I have been unable to solve this issue through the Access community and wondered if it is more of an operating system problem than Access itself.

I think the process of linking is about OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
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Is this problem solving itself (one time report is without image, next time - with it)? Is it printed from preview or not?

I've never had such problems and it is occured too rare, so only some common things:
1. Add logo file to the exclusions of antivirus
2. Add logo to the form, where report is printed
You don't say where the image is located nor if there are events being logged when it fails and the answers to both of those is key to solving the problem.  Where is the image located and are there any events?
Where is the image located and are there any events?

Depending on where the logo is stored, the user could be deleting it

Wouldn't be the first time it's happened
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Thank you all
1. The logo has not been deleted
2. The problem occurs once but is permanent even after reinstalling my application
3. The file is stored on the local pc in the installation directory and is a .jpg file
4. There are no events running on some reports and there are events on others.
5. The logo is lost on all reports
Are you able to disclose the name of the application?


Unfortunately not but it is an MS access application originally in access 2002
If the logo is located in Program Files, Program Files (x86), or ProgramData, any one of a quintillion security updates will create an Access Denied issue as all of those folders are protected by the O/S.  Copy the picture to %USERPROFILE%\Picture (or any other user folder) and then reference it at that location.  
Either that or put it in a publicly available folder with read/write permissions.
MS access application

Works for me, This seems to be a known issue

See if this helps


Thank you.  Very interesting.  I will change image to a bitmap in current reports to see if it fixes the problems.

You may have misunderstood the intent of my response.

My stating "Works for me" was in response to your identifying Access as being used, but not being able to identify the actual title of the application

The suggestion(s) provided in the link have not been tried by myself.

I appreciate the award, but you may want to reverse it until you verify your issue is indeed resolved



I understood you correctly and reading the article it does make sense.

Anyway it is the best reply I've had to this question for 10 years

Okay Derek, I just wanted to make sure.

Let us know how you make out



Will do

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