How to load & use Active Directory PowerShell modules

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Please provide me with online references about how to load & use Server 2016 Active Directory PowerShell modules for AD administration, synchronization, troubleshooting, etc.
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import-module ActiveDirectory
but only after you have loaded the module locally. on a server:

add-windowsfeature rsat-adds
If you are on a desktop operating system, the command is different.
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What are the commands to load AD PowerShell administration within Windows 10?
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On Windows 10 earlier than 1809, you need to install the RSAT tools first (Pro Enterprise, Education required). Since Windows 10 1809, it's finally an included Windows feature that can just be enabled, so you don't have to re-install it again with each new version.
The install will by default enable all RSAT tools that come with it. From then on, it's Import-module ActiveDirectory as usual (though since PS 3.0, PS will auto-load any module that's found in $env:PSModulePath if a cmdlet from one of these modules is referenced.
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10
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On v1809, click on the start button, type "optional features" and click "Manage Optional Features". Then click "Add a Feature" and select "RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services..." and click "Install".

I expected to be able to use PowerShell for this process, but it appears that the relevant cmdlets (Get-WindowsOptionalFeature / Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature) don't work with the new RSAT modules. I'm investigating that.

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