Set the order in which DCs authenticate AD accounts

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What is the process to set the order in which Server 2016 domain controllers authenticate Active Directory accounts?
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Can you share more details, By default based on site configuration users AD accounts will get authenticate t oDC.
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In general, you don't.

This is controlled by a computer's membership in a particular AD site.
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OK, we usually have two to four domain controllers in each site.

Is there any way of giving one domain controller greater precedence in authenticating AD login requests that other domain controllers within the same AD site?
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You have to edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Netlogon\Parameters  based on highest value where you can set the priority for DC.
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Can you refer me to some URL resources that explain how to do this?
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Above both registries are server registries and only need to be entered on dc servers
Further by default ad use dns load balancing for srv records to distribute requests among dc servers in same ad site
So ideally you don't need to that
Further see the difference between both registries
Priority registry define order in which dcs in same site should get contacted, meaning the dc with highest priority get contacted 1st, if that dc failed / down, other dc get contacted
In case of weight, dc with highest weight get contacted 1st and if it fails, find another dc with higher weight
At a time either u need to set either weight or priority but not both
Frankly speaking don't do it, it will break default dns load balancing mechanism which tries evenlly distributing authentication load amoung dcs in same site

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